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Meatball Mondays

Wholesome FREE meals available every Monday from St M's Events at St Michaels Church, Paulsgrove


Meatball Mondays was a time limited project set up by local volunteers from St M’s and the church to offer up a small gift to offset the ‘long lockdown blues ‘ many of us were experiencing. Initially set up as a response to food poverty in the area, it actually became about so much more as Louis the chef (who usually works as a chef for Soho House in London) and his merry band of volunteers delivered restaurant quality food for free every Monday from the church doors at St Michaels church, Paulsgrove. By the end of the 8 week project over 500 people had benefitted from some great tucker.

Meatball Mondays are grateful to the Cosham larder who donated some food to the project and in return a Meatball Lunch was handed out from the Cosham Larder one Tuesday in April, the local bowls club were very happy!

MEATBALL MONDAYS is actually set up as a easy to deliver community project – you need some volunteers prepared to cook and serve, a great recipe (which we have for you from Louis the chef), a kitchen space to cook in and some serving boxes to deliver service with a smile.

CSR are offering a small start grant for anyone who wants to deliver a MEATBALL MONDAY style project in their local community and don’t worry it doesn’t have to be on Monday 😉. For more information please contact Gambol Parker E:Gambol.Parker@Portsmouth.Anglican.Org


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