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Good Neighbours campaign to increase HMRC mileage rates from 45p to 60p

The Good Neighbours Network is calling upon Rishi Sunak to increase the HMRC mileage rate in his Spring Statement this Wednesday.

We have launched a Parliamentary petition calling on the Chancellor to raise the amount that can be claimed from 45p – where it has stood for more than a decade, since 2011 – to 60p.   The petition has already attracted more than 2,800 signatures.

If you’ve not signed it yet, please do so, and send it to everyone you know.

Volunteers struggling to cover costs

The cost of living crisis is making life impossible for the wonderful 4,000 GNN volunteers, across 125 independent groups, many of whom who are struggling to continue amid rocketing petrol and insurance costs.

In 2021, GNN volunteers performed 101,488 such acts of kindness, helping 15,170 people and saving the NHS £1,181,732 in missed appointments alone.  They often drive long distances, especially in rural areas.

But with petrol, insurance and other motoring costs now exceeding the amount they can claim in mileage, many of them are wondering how long they can carry on.

The mileage rate has not changed since April 2011 – eleven years ago.  Since then, petrol prices have increased 14.6% and insurance prices 27.7%.

House of Commons

Speaking in the House of Commons last Wednesday (15 Mar), former Government minister Jake Berry, MP for Rossendale and Darwen, reminded the Chancellor of the Treasury’s ‘huge VAT windfall’ from high petrol prices, and asked Rishi Sunak not only to cut fuel duty, but also to increase mileage recovery rates to ‘at least’ 60p.

Karen Jordan, Network Leader at Good Neighbours, said:

“Thousands of people rely on Good Neighbours volunteers to take them to hospital appointments every day, and despite the risks they continued to do so throughout the pandemic.

“The HMRC rate must be increased now so that these kind people can afford to carry on helping others. The alternative is a loss that will affect many of us now and in the future.”

The Revd Canon Nick Ralph, Executive Director of the Good Neighbours Network, said:

“We all know about petrol prices. Rishi Sunak says the market is volatile. But the mileage rate hasn’t changed since 2011. Even before the current crisis, in December, petrol was up 14.6%, and insurance 27.7% since the 45p rate was introduced.

“Our volunteers, out of the goodness of their hearts, give up their time to do good deeds for their neighbours, saving the public purse more than £7 million each year.

“Many are now telling me they don’t know how long they can carry on. We are begging the Chancellor to consider volunteers in his Spring Statement, and show us how serious the Government really is about health and social care for the neediest in our country.”

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